Prof. Dr. Winiati P. Rahayu, was born in Malang, August 13th 1956. She completed elementary to high schools in Semarang. In 1980, she obtained her degree as an engineer from Faculty of Agricultural Technology and Mechanization, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB). She obtained her Master of Science degree in Food Science from postgraduate Program of IPB in 1986. In 1987, She had opportunity to have internship program at Purdue University-USA on Food Microbiology. She had a  PhD degree in Food Science from Bogor Agricultural University in 1999. In 2003, she was appointed as a Professor in Food and Nutrition of Science and Technology. She was awarded as 2ndbest Lecturer in Faculty of Agricultural Technology and Engineering–IPB)(1990and1991); She achieved The Best Poster Presenter at 5th The Exposure Research Competitive Grant Forum 2000 and Satyalencana Karyasatya XX from The President of The Republic of  Indonesia in 2010

Since 1980 She had been joined to Food Technology Development Center, IPB, untill 1985. Since 1985-now she has been working as lecturer in the Department of Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology and Engineering. Some positions that have been hold, namely: Training Coordinator in the Inter-University Center for Food and Human Nutrition (1987-1994); Excecutive Secretary of Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition (1988-1992); Secretary of Cooperation Affair  of Centre for Food and Nutrition Study (CFNS) (1994-1995); Quality Assurance Manager (1999-2000) and Academic Manager (2000-2001) Project: Quality for Undergraduate Education (QUE), TPG; Executive Secretary of Indonesian Association of Food Technologies (PATPI) (2000-2004); Project coordinator food safety cooperation between Indonesia and Australia Government Analytical Laboratory (2002-2007); Secretary General of Indonesia Food Safety Promotion Network (FSPN) (2003-2006) and Secretary General Indonesia of Food Intelligence Network (2003-2011)-Indonesia Integrated Food Safety Systems; Member of Advisory board/senior researcher on South East Asia for Food and Agricultural Science and Technology (SEAFAST) Centre (2006-now). She also serves as a Reviewer & Editor Board of Journal of Food Technology and Industry/ISBN 7979-7788 (1996-now);  Reviewer: Biota Journal /ISSN 0853-8670 (1996-now); International Journal of Food Science and Technology/ISSN 0950-5423 (1996-now); Journal of  Fishery Products Processing/ISSN 0854-9230 (1998-now); Journal of Microbiology Indonesia/ISSN 1978-34477 (2009-now);and International Food Research Journal ISSN 1985-4668 (2011-now).

She had been assigned in government as a Director of Food Safety Surveillance and Extension, National Agency for Drug and Food Control (2001-2007) and Head of Research Center for Drug and Food Control, National Agency for Drug and Food Control (2007-2011).  She has experienced as a consultant to food industries; facilitators in a variety of food safety training at the national level (2001-now) and ASEAN (2009-2010); National Consultant of I-MHERE (Indonesia Managing Higher Education for Relevance and Efficiency) Brawijaya University-Indonesia; National Consultant of FAO Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific (2008); National Expert of Wageningen International (2008-2010) and Technical expert, FAO/WHO Headquater for preparation activities of Guidelines for national authorities: Approaches for Risk Analysis during Food Safety Emergencies (2011) and Certification Asessor No. NIRA 101106101400804 (April 2010-now). She is frequently appointed as a chairman or member of delegations at various international meetings related to food safety. In 2012, she was trusted to be a trainer for World Health Organization (WHO) event, entitled “Staff Training and Setting up Food Safety Laboratory in Timor Leste”.

As a faculty member, she is also active in mentoring students from the level of diploma, undergraduate to postgraduate, and editors for their final scientific writing. More than 200 titles of scientific publications have been successfully published in the forms of scientific papers, book, comic, teaching and laboratory guidelines, journal/proceeding and model/audiovisual/CD. She is a resource person for media such as magazines/newspapers, electronic media and a speaker in various seminars at national level.

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