International cooperation

A. Aus-Aid



1.    Review and Improving of Food Monitoring and Surveillance System in Indonesia

2.    Design and Implementation of Food Safety Programs in Small to Medium Industry

3.    Strengthening of Food Analysis Capacity Within The Indonesia Health System


1.    Establishment of National Integrated Food Safety System Programs in Indonesia

2.  Development of Food Intelligent Network, Food Promotion Network and Food Control Network

3.    Development of Food Star Awards, Rapid Response and Food Watch


1.    Development of The Star Awards for Agriculture Product



1.    Review of Food Safety Policy

2.    Development of Crispy Slogans on Food Safety

3.    Survey Study on Food Borne Diseases

4.    Development  of The Methodology for Surveillance of Food Borne Diseases


1.    Preparation of Database of Food Safety Institution

2.    Development of Training Module on Risk Assessment

3.    Review of Food Safety Risk Assessment Capacity

4.    Pilot Training Course on Risk Assessment

5.    The Development of Networking Mechanism for Microbiological Risk Assessment

6.    Implementation of Food Watch Program

7.    National Strategy for Food Safety Communication

8.    Food Safety Scheme Developed For Small-Scale Industries


1.    Capacity Building in Integrated Risk Management for Food Safety

2.    Development of Total Diet Study Protocol

3.    Review of National Standard on Toxic Chemical in Food Items

4.    Implementation of Risk Communication

5.    Promotion of Food Safety in Public Places

6.    Development of Food Safety Educative Materials for Children


1.    Development of Mycotoxin Protocol

2.    National Consultation Meeting on Food Safety



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