1.    Feb-April 2008: National Consultant: Enhancing Food Safety By Strengthening Food Inspection System In ASEAN Countries (GCP/RAS/222/JPN). Indonesia

2.    April-May 2008:National Consultant: ’Peningkatan Jejaring Kerjasama Penelitian dengan Industri Pangan Skala Kecil – Menengah /IRTP’. (Strengthening Research Cooperation  with Small Scale Food Industry) I-MHERE (Indonesia Managing Higher Education for Relevance and Efficiency). Brawijaya University-Indonesia

3.    July 2008: National Consultant:: Assessment of NRCP Implementation Plan for Aquaculture Products. Bilateral cooperation between the Ministry of Marine and Fishery Affair /MoMFA, Republic of Indonesia and the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature, Food Quality /MoANFQ of the Netherlands. Jakarta-Indonesia 16-18 July 2008

4.    March 2011:Technical expert:FAO/WHO Guidelines for National Authorities: Approaches for Risk Analysis during Food Safety Emergencies.  Roma, Italy. 21-25 March 2011

5.    June 2012: WHO Consultants:Staff Training and Setting Up Food Safety Laboratory Equipment in Timor Leste.Dili, Timor Leste 11-15 June 2012

6.    2011-now: National Consultant: for Food Safety, National Agency for Drug and Food Control

7.   December 2014-March 2015: WHO Consultant:for Development of Indonesia Risk Assessment Center.

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