{Abstract} PENERAPAN GOOD LOGISTIC PRACTICES UNTUK PRODUK PERIKANAN (Good Logistic Practices Application on Fish Product)

By: Rahayu WP1 and Adhi W2
1 Department of Food Science and Technology, Bogor Agricultural University
2 Alumni Department of Industrial Technology. Bogor Agricultural University

The utilization of Indonesia’s fisheries potential should be supported by the development of fisheries industry, more specifically by the improvement on fisheries supply chain management. It is needed to preserve the quality and safety of fisheries product from sea to consumers’ table and sustainable fisheries supply. The fisheries product is perishable, moreover the appropriate handling and full controlled process are needed to maintain product quality and safety. In fisheries industry, quality and safety can be maintained by applying good logistic practices (GLoP). GLoP is best practices of cold chain management combined by quality and safety control system such as good manufacturing practices (GMP), standard sanitation operating procedure (SSOP) and hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP). On the other hand, the sustainability of fisheries supply can be achieve by applying full controlled exploitation process on the resources. With commitment and cooperation of all parties on fisheries industry, the standard of fisheries industry can be improve gradually and it is necessary to improve quality and quantity of Indonesia’s fisheries products.

Keywords: cold chain management, good logistic practices, GMP, SSOP, sustainable fisheries.

Published at Jurnal Manajemen Transportasi dan Logistik 2 (1): 129-147. 2016. ISSN 2355-4721

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