{Abstract} KAJIAN PENERAPAN PERATURAN MENTERI PERTANIAN NOMOR 53 TAHUN 2012 UNTUK PENGENDALIAN AFLATOKSIN PADA PALA (Implementation of Minister Agriculture Regulation Number 53, 2012 to Control Aflatoxin in Nutmeg)

By: Citanirmala NMV1, Rahayu WP2,3, Dewanti-Hariyadi R2,3

1 Program Studi Magister Profesional Teknologi Pangan, Sekolah Pascasarjana, Institut Pertanian Bogor
2 Departemen Ilmu dan Teknologi Pangan, Fakultas Teknologi Pertanian, Institut Pertanian Bogor
3 Southeast Asia Food and Agricultural Science and Technology Center, Institut Pertanian Bogor

Nutmeg as Indonesia main exported commodity frequently contaminated by aflatoxin and often rejected by European Union. To improve safety of nutmeg, Ministry of Agricultural (MA) issued a regulation number 53 in 2012 regarding good practices on nutmeg. The objectives of this research were to (1) evaluate implementation of the MA regulation at nutmeg supply chain in Siau Barat District (2) identify critical points for mold growth and/or aflatoxin formation along the nutmeg supply chain. This research conducted through (1) surveys to 60 farmers, 10 middlemen, 2 exporters and 3 government officials as respondents; (2) identification of critical steps using HACCP decision trees. TheB evaluation of MA regulation showed that at farmer level was poor for postharvest handling (54.4%) caused by lack of facilities and infrastructure (57.2%), although for harvest was moderate (70.4%). At the middleman level, handling practices at postharvest was moderate (62.5%), although not supported with facilities and infrastructure (36.7%). Handling practices at exporter level was generally good, however supervision at government official level was poor (56.3%). Critical control points determined at farmer level were harvesting and drying, at middlemen level were receiving, drying and storage, while at exporter level were receiving and shipment.

Keywords: Aflatoxin, Minister of Agricultural Regulation No. 53 year 2012, nutmeg, Siau Barat district,
supply chain

Published at Jurnal Mutu Pangan 3(1): 58-64, 2016. ISSN 2355-5017

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