By: Rahayu WP1,2, Fardiaz D1, Kartika GD1, Nababan H3, Fanaike R3, Puspitasari R3

1Department of Food Science and Technology, Bogor Agricultural University
2SEAFAST Center, Bogor Agricultural University,
3National Agency for Drug and Food Control, Jakarta 10560, Indonesia

Food poisoning outbreaks frequently occur in many countries resulting in economic loss. A formula for calculation of economic loss due to food poisoning outbreaks in Indonesia was developed. Estimation of the loss was developed based on experiences in several countries. Related data were also collected from local health facilities, food industry officials, and other sources to improve the accuracy of the formula. Calculation of the economic loss was performed based on cases of food poisoning outbreaks recorded in 2013. Economic loss was estimated based on direct health-care costs, direct non-health-care costs, and indirect non-health-care costs. The economic loss of food poisoning outbreaks in Indonesia in 2013 was approximately US$ 78 million. The high-cost of economic loss due to food poisoning outbreaks suggests a need for additional and serious efforts for controlling all aspects of food safety.

Keywords: outbreak, estimate of economic losses, food poisoning, food safety, Indonesia

Published at Food Science and Biotechnology 25(s): 157-161. 2016. DOI 10-1007/s10068-016-113-8

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