{Abstract} PROSES PENGERINGAN SOHUN DENGAN PEMANASAN BERTAHAP DALAM OVEN (Vermicelli Drying Process with Oven Dryer Through Gradual Heating)

By:Yosua G, Rahayu WP. Departemen Ilmu dan Teknologi Pangan, Fakultas Teknologi Pertanian, Institut Pertanian Bogor


Vermicelli or cellophane noodles is a type of noodle that is made from starch of sagoo or mung bean. Vermicelli has an appearance like a string, spongy and slick texture, also transparent. On vermicelli making process in small food industry, the drying technique is still using the natural technique which is with sun light. The usage of solar will cause inconsistency in quality of vermicelli and requires many labors and a big lot. These reasons encourage to conduct a research of vermicelli drying process with oven dryer through gradual drying. There were three heating treatments, which were A) 65 oC – 10 minutes, 100 oC – 10 minutes, and 140 oC – 5 minutes, B) 80 oC – 10 minutes, 100 oC – 10 minutes, and 130 oC – 5 minutes, C) 80 oC – 15 minutes and 140 oC – 10 minutes and the recommended drying treatment is drying technique with temperature 80 oC – 10 minutes, 100 oC – 10 minutes, and 130 oC – 5 minutes because it produces vermicelli with the most similliar quality with industrial vermicelli. The vermicelli had water content 13.09 %, cooking loss 11.67 %, water absorption 74.56 %, and elongation 198 %. Oven drying can reduce the operational cost to 33 % compared to solar drying. Thus, oven drying can replace solar drying and it can reduce time of drying, cost also produces vermicelli in consistent quality.

Keywords: gradual drying, oven dryer, vermicelli

Dimuat di: Jurnal MUTU Pangan 1(2): 132-136. tahun 2014

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