{Abstract} PENGEMBANGAN STRATEGI KEAMANAN PRODUK PERIKANAN UNTUK EKSPOR KE AMERIKA SERIKAT (Food Safety Strategy Development of Fishery Products Export to the United States)

By:  Rahmawaty L1,2,  Rahayu WP1, Kusumaningrum HD 1.

1Institut Pertanian Bogor, Kampus IPB
2PT. Narrada Sigma Indonesia

Nowadays productivity and export of Indonesian fish product increase and Indonesia became number one producer of tuna product in the world. The biggest challenge for Indonesian fishery products in the era of free trade is food safety. This study aims to analyze the case of rejection of Indonesian fishery products by the U.S. and design a recommendation on food safety strategy development of fishery products export to United State. The result of data collection indicate that Indonesian products rejection by FDA in 2010-2012 has fluctuated and dominated by fishery products, with the main cause of rejection are filthy and Salmonella. The case study conducted at tuna processing company which has been HACCP certified by Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries to strengthen the data. Case study indicate a failure in the application of HACCP system because of in harmony standard, regulation and audit system Indonesia to FDA. Based on gap analysis standard and regulation of Indonesia to FDA, recommendation are proposed on food strategy related to standardization, accreditation, infrastructure and international cooperation.
Keywords: fishery product safety, HACCP, policy strategy, standardization, accreditation.

Dimuat di Jurnal Standardisasi 16 (2): 95-102. tahun 2014

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