{Abstract} KAJIAN STANDAR CEMARAN MIKROBA DALAM PANGAN DI INDONESIA (Review on Food Microbiological Standard in Indonesia)

By: Martoyo PY1,2,  Dewanti- Hariyadi R1, Rahayu WP1.

1Institut Pertanian Bogor, Kampus IPB Darmaga
2Badan Pengawas Obat dan Makanan

Microbiological standard for processed food in Indonesia is regulated by the Head of NADFC in Decree No. POM. HK. 2009 pertaining Microbial and Chemical Contamination Limit in Food and by the Indonesian National Standard (SNI) of food commodities. In the implementation, there were several obstacles and some criteria could not be met because they were too stringent or the testing methods were not available. The purpose of this study was to compare the fulfillment of microbiological standards of Indonesia and some other countries in the world against the rules of Codex microbiology criteria, to review microbiological criteria of priority foods and to provide recommendations for their microbiological criteria. The study was conducted by comparing and analyzing the microbiological criteria from Indonesia and 10 other countries, namely Australia and New Zealand, Europe, Philippines, Malaysia, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore and South Africa and recommendation by Codex Principles for The Establishment and Application of Microbiological Criteria for Foods (CAC/GL 21-1997). As the case studies, several foods were selected based on several obstacles occurred and their criteria and studied as above. The results showed that Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Canada and the Philippines comply with the Codex Principles, while Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and South Africa do not comply. The study also showed that Indonesia’s standard for bottled/packaged drinking water, instant coffee and canned food need revision. For the purpose of verification of the production process and lot acceptance, it is recommended to set one maximum limit of TPC for bottled/packaged drinking water. Determination of microbiological criteria in instant coffee is irrelevant, except for the OTA. Requirements for canned food should be done with a fulfillment for adequate heat treatment and incubation test to anticipate microbial spoilage.

Keywords: Codex, Microbiological Criteria, Standard

Dimuat di Jurnal Standardisasi 16 (2): 113-124. tahun 2014

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