{abstract} MODIFIKASI PATI GARUT (Marantha arundinacea L) DENGAN PERLAKUAN HIDROLISIS ASAM DAN SIKLUS PEMANASAN-PENDINGINAN UNTUK MENGHASILKAN PATI RESISTEN TIPE 3 (Modification of Arrowroot (Marantha arundinacea L.) Starch Through Acid Hydrolysis and Autoclaving-Cooling Cycling Treatment to Produce Resistant Starch Type 3)

patiBy: Faridah DN, Rahayu WP, Apriyadi MS

Department of Food Science and Technology. Bogor Agricultural University

Arrowroot starch can be modified to produce resistant starch (RS), which have been observed to show physiological functions similar to dietary fiber. Acid hydrolysis and autoclaving-cooling cycling treatments can increase RS content. Arrowroot starch modification hydrolyzed by 1.1 and 2.2 N HCl for 0, 2, 4, and 6 hours, then continued with3 cycles of autoclaving-cooling treatment. Based on the starch digestibility, the acid hydrolyzed starch by 2.2 N HCl for 2 hours and 3 cycles of autoclaving-cooling cycling treatment had the lowest digestibility (22.04%). This treatment also increased amylose, dietary fibre, and RS contents. The increase of the amylose contents contributed to increase the total dietary fibre and RS contents up to 4.1 and 4.4 times, respectively, than native starch.

Key words: acid hydrolisis, arrowroot, autoclaving-cooling, resistant starch.

Dimuat di:   J. Tek. Ind. Pertanian 23(1): 61-69. 2013

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