By: Rahayu WP1,2, Sparringa RA1, Ananda I1

1Research Center for Drug and Food, National Agency for Drug and Food Control,
2Department of Food Science and Technology-Bogor Agricultural University

Food Borne Disease (FBD) outbreaks need to be investigated to find out the causative agent, to identify the risk factors and to estimate the magnitude of the problems. The mechanism for FBD outbreak investigation and response in Indonesia is based on an integrated approach between government and community responsibility. The aim of this short paper is to summarize mechanism as the steps required during FBD outbreak investigation and response.It is a mandatory that every person has to report to Primary Health Center (PHC) if a FBD outbreak occurs. Following the report, the PHC must immediately take care of the victims, take suspected food samples, conduct primary investigation, and make an immediate action for prevention including extension to the society, and report the primary information to the District Health Authorities (DHA) and Regional Office of National Agency for Drug and Food Control (NADFC). The District Foodborne Disease Outbreak Investigation Team (FDOIT) under the DHA conducts further investigation, data analysis interpretation based on the epidemiological characteristics via interview and observation of food production and premises, and provides hypotheses of causative agents and food vehicles. The suspected agents and food responsible for poisoning are confirmed by laboratory testing.The Regional Office of NADFC conducts laboratory examination on food samples while the human specimens of the cases need to be analyzed in Local Health Laboratories. The Regional Office of NADFC reports the result to LHA and HQ Office of NADFC Jakarta. The final report is prepared by the DHA to be submitted to Mayor/Head of District. At the same time the DHA send a copy of report to Health Provincial Authority (HPA) and Directorate General of Disease Control and Environmental Health cq Sub Directorate for Surveillance and Epidemiology Communicable Disease Center (CDC), Jakarta. The health authorities at district/city, provincial and central level follow up each final report when necessary. The intervention following the final report can be prevention or control actions, such as food safety extension as a risk communication, further investigation and epidemiological study as risk assessment or law enforcement as risk management.

Keywords:foodborne disease outbreak, mechanism, investigation, response

Presented at 11th ASEAN Food Conference, Brunei Darussalam, October 21-23th2009

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