By: Rahayu WP1,2, Rahayu UR2, Hutagaol M1, Panggabean RIL1

1Research Center for Drug and Food, National Agency for Drug and Food Control
2Department of Food Science and Technology, Bogor Agricultural University

Formaldehyde may present naturally in foods because it has been known as normal metabolism product which is important for biosynthesis of some amino acid. This study was conducted to determine levels of endogenous formaldehyde in foods by spectrophotometer. Formaldehyde analysis using Hantzch reagent (╬╗maks=412.8 nm) gave coefficient of correlation value of 0.999. Limit of detection (LOD) was 22.49 ppb and limit of quantification (LOQ) was 46.30 ppb. The precision test on the formaldehyde level of 645 and 1291 ppb resulted in RSD of 0.49 and 0.36% respectively, whereas the range of recovery level was 89.65-93.92%. The level ranges of formaldehyde in fisheries, in fruits and in vegetables were 63.9-210.4, 22.9-65.9, 34.3-116.9 ppb respectively.

Keywords: spectrophotometer, endogenous, formaldehyde, food.

Presented at 15th World Congress of food Science and Technology, Cape Town-South Africa, August 22-26th 2010.

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