By: Herawati D, Kusnandar F, Palupi NHS, Rahayu WP, Stefanus (Department of Food Science and Technology, Bogor Agricultural University)

Wheat noodle has become one of the staple foods for most countries in Asia, including Indonesia. One of wheat noodle products that continue developing in Indonesia is instant wheat noodle. Corn as raw material for producing instant noodle can be used as food diversification. The objectives of this research are formulation and optimization frying time corn instant noodles. This research was divided into three steps. First step was the production of corn flour (variety P-21). Second step was determining the ratio of corn and wheat flour (90:10, 80:20, 70:30, 60:40 and 1005 corn flour), and frying time (1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 minutes) in the production of instant corn noodle. Third step was determining the nutrition value and physically quality of noodle with the selected formula. Selection the best formulation and frying time based on the quality of dough, cooking time, cooking loss, water content, degree of development, increasing weight, and sensory test (paired preference test). The selected formula was 70:30 (ratio of wheat flour and corn flour) and optimum frying time was 3 minutes. The characteristics instant corn noodle were cooking loss of 11.13%, cooking time for 3.5 minutes, the degree of development of 121.28%, increasing of weight of 242.67, hardness value of 2657.05gf, stickiness value of -140.55gf, elasticity value of 0.54gs, cohesive capacity value of 0.25gs and aw of 0.588. nutrition value of instant corn noodle were water content of 7.40%, ash content of 1.64%, protein content of 10.51%, carbohydrate content of 70.31%, and crude fiber content of 1.43%. The color of instant corn noodle was yellow red.

Keywords: formulation, corn noodle, frying time

Presented at International Seminar on Emerging Issues and Technology Development in Food and Ingredients, Jakarta, September 29-30th 2010.

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