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By: Khotimah K1, Hutagaol M1, Panggabean RIL1,Rahayu WP1,2

1Research Center for Drug and Food, National Agency for Drug and Food Control
2Department of Food Science and Technology, Bogor Agricultural University

Indonesia has a suitable climate for mold growth and habitat, especially due to its humidity and temperature. For this reason, contaminations of mycotoxin become a serious problem for food safety in Indonesia. The climate change and global warming effects are potential to blow up mycotoxin production; hence, attention on mycotoxin risk on foods must be increased. Protocol of fumonisin detection, especially for corn-based food products has been developed by Research Center for Drug and Food (RCDF) – National Agency for Drug and Food Control (NADFC).There were two steps in this research: the first step was HPLC validation method and the second step was fumonisin detection in 7 kinds of corn-based food products. Validation method consisted of linearity test, precision test, and recovery test. Fumonisin detection consisted of sample preparation, sample extraction, sample dilution, clean up with fumonisin immunoaffinity column and analysis using HPLC with fluorescence detector. The linearity test indicated that fumonisin detection using HPLC acquired linear regression equation for fumonisin B1 (FB1), Y=82775x-69801, r = 0.99 and fumonisin B2 (FB2), Y= 22281x-45370, r = 0.99. Relative Standard Deviation (RSD) in precision test for FB1 and FB2 were 0.00002 and 0.00001 while recovery test for FB1 and FB2 were 80.04 and 110.11% respectively. All corn-based food products contaminated by fumonisin B1 in a range of 0.1 – 0.8 ppm. Based on fumonisin standard regulation listed in Indonesian National Standard (SNI 7385 : 2009), that maximum permissible level of fumonisin on corn-based food product was  2 ppm, it can be concluded that all the  analyzed products were safe to be consumed.

Keywords: fumonisin, HPLC, Immunoaffinity column, corn-based food product

Presented at International Conference on Food Safety and Security under Changing Climate, Penang-Malaysia, December 6-7th 2010


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