[abstract] ANALYTICAL METHOD FOR QUERCITRIN IN Scurrulaatropurpurea(BI) Dans.

By: Waty TD1, Yarni L1, Murhandini S1, Rahayu WP1,2

1Research Center for Drug and Food, National Agency for Drug and Food Control
2Department of Food Science and Technology, Bogor Agricultural University

Scurrulaatropurpurea(BI) Dans.is widely used as traditional medicine in Indonesia. Chemical contents of Scurrulaatropurpurea(BI) Dans.are alkaloids, terpenoids, saponin, tannin and flavanoids. Therefore, analysis method for quercitrin as marker compounds which is the main flavanoid in Scurrulaatropurpurea(BI) Dans. was important to be developed as a tool for determination, standardization and quality control of products containing Scurrulaatropurpurea(BI) Dans. The quercitrin was assayed using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) with methanol:acetonitrile:water; (35:15:50) as mobile phase. Calibration curves were constructed for quercitrin in the concentration range of 20-60╬╝gmL-1. There was a linier relationship between the absorbance and concentration in the line equation of y = 59341x + 5657.2 and correlation coefficient for the calibration regression line was 0.9994. The precision of the assay was determined by repeatability intraday at 0.04 % and precision inter-day at 1.42 % (acceptable limits of <2%). In conclusion, the method was applicable to determine quercitrin qualitatively and quantitatively in extract or herbal product containing Scurrulaatropurpurea(BI) Dans.

Keywords: Analysis methods, Scurrulaatropurpurea(BI) Dans., quercitrin.

Presented at The 2nd International Symposium on Temulawak.Bogor-Indonesia, May 26-27th2011.

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