By: Rahayu WP1,2, Sparringa RA1, Nababan H1, Fardiaz D1,2

1National Agency for Drug and Food Control, Republic of Indonesia
2Department of Food Science and Technology, Bogor Agricultural University

Indonesian National Integrated Food Safety System (IFSS) is a new way of working together. The IFSS is a national program shared by all key stakeholders involved in food safety from paddock to plate.  It combines the skills and experience of governments, industry, academia and consumers to synergistically address the emerging challenges influencing the food supply. The IFSS model was created to achieve equivalence of food safety and laboratory standards between Australia and Indonesia.  It is based on the WHO’s “Guidelines for Strengthening National Food Safety Programmes”. Indonesian key stakeholders and their food safety responsibilities were mapped against the WHO model.  Three functional stakeholder groups (networks) were identified and organized to reflect risk analysis principles: Food Intelligence Network based on risk assessment, Food Control Network based on risk management and Food Promotion Network based on risk communication.  The networks enable improved communication between stakeholders, provide for greater knowledge sharing and build food safety capital at local, regional and national levels. Three programs were developed to synergise and focus food safety activities and put policy into practice at national, provincial and local levels. There were Food Watch – a national food monitoring program, Food Stars – a voluntary three level award promoting training from paddock to plate and Rapid Response – enabling effective communication during national crises.The IFSS provides the national framework for food safety – it transcends government departments, academia, industry and consumers and enables them to work together to maximize resources and improve food safety in Indonesia. Imagine the benefits to trade and health if all countries in the Asia Pacific region had an Integrated Food Safety System – this is the dream the IFSS team hopes to make a reality.

Keywords: food safety, IFSS

Presented at Asian Food Conference, Jakarta-Indonesia, August 9-12th 2005. Proceeding ISBN 979-3673-46


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