By: Rahayu WP, Kuswanti Y

Department of Food Technology and Human Nutrition, Bogor Agricultural University; Indonesian Association of Food Technologies

A campus canteen is one of the places in campus where people from campus eat for their breakfast and lunch. The canteen is located inside a permanent building and 14 vendors sell their food together in the location. The type of food in canteen campus is likely street food. Street food may present a risk to the health of consumers if it is not suitably protected from chemical, physical and microbiological contamination and if it is not hygienically handled. The sanitary condition of food stalls in a campus canteen was investigated by examining air quality, water quality, cleanliness of the floor and table, vendor’s hand and food utensils (mortars, cutting boards, plates, glasses and bowls). The rate of air microbial contamination was found to be about 104 – 105 CFU/m2/h for bacteria and 103 – 104 CFU/m2/h for molds and yeasts. Vendor’s tables were found to be cleaner than dining tables. Staphylococcus sp. and coliforms were found on the hands of all food vendors tested. Of the three hands washing agents tested (antiseptic liquid, antiseptic soap and Iodine) a solution of 4% antiseptic liquid was shown to be the preferred method as it was affective in reducing the numbers of microorganisms on hand and did not discolor them. The study revealed that food utensils were not effectively clean and the water source did not comply with legislation on the National Standard Council’s Requirement of Drinking Water Quality.

Keywords: sanitary, street food, canteen

Presented at Seminar and Proceeding of FoSTAT/ProPak Asia Food Conference, Bangkok-Thailand, June 12-14th 2002

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