By: Sparringa RA1, Rahayu WP1,2, Nababan H1, and  Fardiaz D1,2

1National Agency for Drug and Food Control, Republic of Indonesia
2Department of Food Science and Technology, Bogor Agricultural University

Food Watch is a national food monitoring program that identifies emerging food safety problems, works with key stakeholders to find practical solutions and produces user-friendly reports/information for industry to improve practices. New challenges face the food industry each day and governments are under increasing pressure to do more with less. The Food Watch team brings together the research and experience of the Integrated Food Safety System’s Food Intelligence Network and co-ordinates resources to actively seek practical solutions to food safety problems. The team identified that suspect laboratory results can undermine confidence in a food monitoring program.  Therefore, since 1999, thousands of food laboratory technicians have been trained. Analytical results and field research are converted into Food Watch reports, which identify major problems and provide solutions to improve compliance with standards.  Reports can be used by government officers and industry to raise food safety awareness and break the cycle of ignorance.  The first edition of Food Watch report considered the problems of using illegal hazardous chemicals such as borax, formalin, and rhodamine B in food. The report explained in simple terms the dangers of using these chemicals and described how to legal alternatives safely.

Keywords: food watch, illegal hazardous chemicals

Presented at Asian Food Conference, Jakarta-Indonesia, August 9-12th 2005. Proceeding ISBN 979-3673-46


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