By: Rahayu WP1,2 and Nababan H1

(1Directorate for Food Safety Surveillance and Extension, National Agency for Drug and Food Control, Republic of Indonesia
2Department of Food Science and Technology, Bogor Agricultural University

Government of Indonesia through National Agency for Drug and Food Control (NADFC) has been implementing various programs related to food safety for public health protection. One of NADFC’s important program is to increase the awareness of food industries in food safety. This activity is called the Food Star Award which has been developed to apply better food safety practices in the food industry. The Food Stars Award is basically a voluntary award to encourage food industries to train staff and workers towards implementing HACCP-based food safety programs.  The Food Star Award is planned to be offered to all industry sectors from farm to table. Three levels of Food Star Award for food industries were developed by a team which consist of member from NADFC, Ministry of Industry and Trade (MOIT), and the Bogor Agricultural University. The first level award (one star) provides basic food safety training to everyone in the industries, the second level award (two star) is aligned with codex principles of food hygiene and helps industries develop good food safety practices  and the third level award (three star) introduces HACCP principles. The first level awards have been awarded to 569 food industries in 22 provinces and the second level have been awarded to 14 food industries in 7 provinces. The implementations of good food safety practices by the recipients are being monitored by auditors from the Food Star Award to insure that the awards given are maintained.

Keywords: food star award, food safety training

Presented at Seminar and Proceeding of 13th World Congress of Food Science and Technology, Nantes-France, September 17-21th 2006


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