[abstrak] AKTIVITAS ANTIOKSIDAN LENGKUAS (Alpina galangal L. Swartz) (ANTIOXIDANT ACTIVITY OF GALANGAL (Alpina galangal L. Swartz)

By: Rahayu WP

Department of Food Science and Technology, Bogor Agricultural University

The antioxidant activity of solvent extracts and essential oil from galangal has been assessed using thiocynate method. The solvent used was hexane and methanol. The processed temperature for extracting with methanol was 30 and 60oC. The main component from the extract which has high activity was also investigated. Hexane extract of dried rhizomes was found more active than extract with other solvents. The main components of the extract were 1,8-sineol; 3,7,11 trimetil-1,6,10 dodekatrien-3-o1 and acetoxychavicol acetate. It is clear that antioxidant activity of galangal extracts was contributed from several components.

Keywords: antioxidant, galangal, extract

Dipresentasikan pada Seminar Nasional Teknologi Pangan, Jakarta-Indonesia, October 12–13th 1999. Proceeding ISBN: 979-95249-2-X

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